About Us

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Our Mission

Whatcom County Farm Bureau is a voluntary, grassroots advocacy organization representing the social and economic interests of farm and ranch families at the county level. By providing leadership and organizational skills, Farm Bureau seeks to gain public support on the issues affecting farm and ranch families.

Meet the Board Of Directors


Leslie Honcoop

President & Board Member

Leslie and her husband, Randy, own and operate Randy Honcoop Berry Farm north of Lynden.


Troy Lenssen

1st Vice President, Board Member, & WA State Farm Bureau Board Member

Troy and his wife, Jamie, operate Lenssen Dairy with his brother Terry. Their farm is located close to Lynden.


Jamie Gunst

Vice-President & Board Member

Jamie is heavily invested in the operation of locally owned berry business, Maberry Packing, LLC, doing her part to sustain her role in the third generation of family management.


Mitch Moorlag

Secretary & Board Member

Mitch is co-owner and general manager of Edaleen Dairy, which is a dairy and crop farm just north of Lynden.

Dale (4)

Dale Bedlington

Board Member

Dale and his wife, Judy, are retired seed potato farmers and are located west of Lynden.


Branden Brink

Board Member

Branden and his wife, Heather, own and operate Double B Angus, a registered Black Angus cow-calf operation located north of Lynden.

Percy (5)

Percy Hoekema

Board Member

Percy and his wife, Lois, are affiliated with Evernook Dairy in the Everson area.

large (7)

Dan Noteboom

Board Member

Dan owns and operates Noteboom Farm with his wife Terri. Their dairy farm is located near Lynden.

Debbie (33)

Debbie VanderVeen

Board Member

Debbie and her husband, Jason, own and operates Veen Huizen Farms, a dairy and crop farm in Everson.

Melodie (9)

Melodie Kirk

Administrative Staff & Treasurer


Melodie lives and works on her family's dairy sheep farm outside of Sumas.